Why Buy a Baja Mini Bike?

Baja Mini Bikes are a blast. You don’t have to take my word for it, just watch some enthusiasts in the video below. Take a ride on one and feel the freedom and you are hooked. It is an inexpensive way to enjoy a motorcycle and as long as you wear a helmet and safety equipment, don’t drive like a complete idiot, safe.


The newest models are the

Doodle Bug 30 and MB200

Doodle Bug 30MB200

Baja Doodle Bug Mini Bike or the  MB200 are brand new and  ready for your enjoyment this year. Take one of these Baja Mini Bikes on a ride on your neigbors farm or through your backyard and feel the excitement of owning one of these puppies. The Baja mini bike has a large community that you can tap into to find out how to modify your ride. The trade name is still owned by Honda and you can be comfortable that the mini bikes are manufactured to an exacting standard.
Baja Heat Mini Bike - CARB

Baja Heat Mini Bike – CARB

Baja Warrior Mini Bike

Baja Warrior Mini Bike

Baja Racer Mini Bike - Baja Mini Bike

Baja Racer Mini Bike – Baja Mini Bike


Owning a Baja Mini Bike

Ask any Baja mini bike owner and you will learn that some changes have been made on the bike, most often in the saddle to make it more comfortable. Most bikers have their bikes customized to make it safer, improve its visibility for night-time biking, and of course to make it look a lot cooler than it already is. For off-roading purposes, owners customize their bikes and add high-powered headlights and fog lamps. However, customization of the Baja bike can be limited because of their one-channel functions.

While most bike enthusiasts in the larger cities get a bike to show them off, these bikes have large engines and are great for trail-riding like the Baja Motorsports MB200 Mini Bike. Some users keep their bikes attractive but they opt to get the Baja Doodle Bug Mini Bike because it is very functional in tough terrains like ranches and farms. These bikes are working bikes but no one can stop you from making them look god as well.

The Features

Bikers who love to explore trails opt for mini bikes with hydraulic front suspension, hand activated brakes, automatic clutch and off-road tires. Both young and adult riders can get endless hours of fun riding their Baja bikes with their steel frame and loud throttle. If you want cooler bikes, opt for the quieter, more environment-friendly and cleaner four-stroke bike engines.

Even if you’ve been on the road for quite some time, it would be ideal to check out your bike’s manual to get more information about the bike, its functions and power. Make sure you have your own tool kit to keep the Baja mini bike parts in good condition at all times.

These Baja bikes may be very functional for the outdoors but they are still considered toys for the big boys. Older children who have bike enthusiast parents are lucky because they grow up having a bike to tinker around with. More importantly, these children do get a lot of tips from their parents when it comes to bike riding.

A Baja mini bike is however not really a toy, so even if they are smaller versions of the big bikes and mini bikes for sale, riders should still observe safety when riding the Baja. Children should be tall enough to be able to reach the foot pegs, and responsible enough to be able to use the bike in a safe manner.